Jump Sabotage

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🚲Jump across the trampoline park for huge points
🌟Scoring makes you glow temporarily
💰Steal points by eliminating glowing players
🏁Shoot the center controls to adjust the direction of the bounce pads ⬆️⬅️➡️

We had fun with this one. Our goal was to have a casual map with unique mechanics.

The 2 main areas of this map encourage players to either jump across a trampoline park on motorbikes or snipe motorbikes from high perches that overlook the trampolines. The 2 unique mechanics in this map are Score Stealing and Trampoline Control.

Score stealing
Whenever a player scores points, those points are added to a temporary pot and the player glows bright gold to indicate they have a pot to steal. If a player is killed while they are vulnerable, the killer gets their score pot but also becomes vulnerable themselves! Once the vulnerability timer expires, the players pot is converted into permanent score and they are also rewarded gold coins for the vending machines.

Trampoline control
A series of 4 buttons are placed above the play area. Players shoot these buttons to control the direction that the 4 trampolines send the motorbikes. Clockwise/Counterclockwise, Straight Up and Eject. Where Eject launches all motorbikes to the center landing pad.